Minutes: Feb 1st 2012



/Lead Representative Updates


Meeting with Rick:

Tech Talk: Feb. 6th

Nothing on Lounge yet

Metal Laser Cutter: Heinz is working on quoting work.

         $500 donation appreciated

Interested in Student Project Fund


-       Exchange / Qualifying Students

Transition / difficulties

Housing information

Printing system, basic logistics we take for granted

“Guide to Cambridge” has been updated & sent out to these students

Putting together a summary of logistical details


/ Professor Lectures

-       Meeting with Don Thursday: suggestions / notes to pass along

Lola, Maya, Beesley, John McMinn(?) – Practice based as well

Book Launches

Studio Nights – Not lunchtime

Allow Professors to pitch their own lectures…? Should be driven by their personal interests



-       Undergraduate Design Development Team (Student Lounge)

Sign ups to be organized: Contact Amir & Nicole – figure details.

-       Student Mentorship: List

List is together: will be posted online & presented to class

-       WASA Blog: Contributors

Look into other schools: Bartlett, MIT ect…

‘Administrator’ – Meeting RE: WASA’s web presence + publication + SWAG + Bodkin

         Post reading – week: Thursday March 1st.



-       Co-op Database

No updates

-       WAC Publication

Met with Rick: come up with content before searching for funds.



-       Metal Laser Cutter Update

Mentorship paired w/ tutorials

Metal Cutter being shipped, arriving soon & ventilation cost increases total towards $20 000

Inquiry on welding: Necessary, but different connection methods are available (pop rivets ect…)

Once laser cutter is in, Phillip to Present

Bodkin to organize WASA $500 Cheque


/Student Project Fund

-       Update from Steph: prelim research

Cannot just be WASA: Need an external body

Update next week

Still in discussion: funds are not available, will become available after thorough discussion & consideration.

Time must be considered: money delivered only during academic terms.

Proof of commitment necessary


/Internal House

Overhead lights in studio (3A) Flicker.

Passed along to maintenance.


         -ACM: Let them know what we want to have.



         -Student Lounge




              -Previous funding to be used

         - WEEF Applications are open: Close Feb. 17th

Draft proposal for next week.


/Events etc.

         -Ski Trip

Posters & Advertisements – fill the bus.

Tickets to be sold before & after reading week.


Next meeting Feb. 10th: finalize ideas, organize practice cans.

         -Coffee House

New date to be announced Feb 10th too busy.

         -Archineering: Engineers to Walshees March 1st

Waiting to hear from main campus.

Can organize specials with Walshees: music ect…


/WASA Contacts

Dave still compiling list – Internal mostly finished

External list to be compiled, ex presidents ect…

Update contacts on school website.


Sean is now FEDS chair, weekly updates from now on.


Minutes: Jan 25th, 2012


 // Lead Representative Updates


Student Lounge w/SWAG – Rick to talk to main campus

Lecture series is happening, no roster

Pecha Kucha - Professor Lectures, organized by SWAG - being planned

Tech Stream talk on Feb. 6 - Vision 2015 by end of the week for review.

PD funding went through, online courses will hopefully be in place for first years.

Online courses taken during co-op terms. Mandatory.

North House is being constructed @ ‘rare’ site

// Budget Updates   

Slight adjustments, confirmed laser cutting funding.

Student project fund

Adjust expenses & numbers

Added Gym Equipment

Less money carried over.

$1500 for student lounge - ballpark (SWAG needs to figure out costs & what other funding can be acquired)

Unanimous Vote - Budget Passed

// Meeting with SWAG

-Student Lounge

            Design Team Required - learning opportunity for 1B Class

-Faculty Events

            Masters students on same page with WASA: more faculty involvement


-Future Event Co-ordination

-WASA Blog + SWAG/Master’s Blog

            Combine both / Coordinate

            Buy a shared domain & combine - Waterloo Students Blog

            Log-in for WASA & SWAG minutes

            Video Cameras from ACM:

            Thesis & Lectures could be added to Vimeo channel: great resource

// Initiatives

-Fabrication Tutorials

            Talk w/ Don & Mark - Coordinate with 1B studio: 1 member of each studio group to attend tutorial w/3A students.

            Work in Rhino / export to CAD to use laser cutter.

            At least initiate a few people w/ laser cutter.

            Worthwhile moving tutorials to 2A/3B Terms

            Gauge interest in 3A class to attend tutorial as well

-Metal Laser Cutter


                        Phillip             $15000

                        Heinz $20000

            Welding: somehow build a welding ‘hut’ / bench outside

            Estimate $5000 total

            WEEF? Discount / Used to save money

            Cost of material: 30”x30” Cold Rolled Steel is $35 - not too expensive

            Set up a local partnership with metal shop for scrap

-Student Mentorship

            Work in laser cutting - those who are strong with laser cutter to aid 1B students who wish to laser cut

            Tuesday night to assemble list - ready for next week

-Co-op Database + Fair (Feb 6th)

            Questionnaire e-mailed out & 12-15 people signed up for booths

            Database falls together with finished questionnaires

-WAC Publication

            Meeting with Rick, working on getting funding.

-WASA Blog

            Discussed earlier: combine with SWAG possibly & re-format to combine WASA component & public side of student work

            Faculty interviews / articles

            Could eventually fold into the publication


            Already set up on main campus

            The more people that show interest in this, the more accessible becomes

            Link to go up on WASA Blog

// Student Project Fund

            How do people apply? How much?

            Each application needs to be evaluated individually

            Use WEEF guidelines as a starting point for criteria

            Steph to do prelim research for next week

            WASA must be as transparent as possible here


-Ideas for proposals received?

            Higher quality video cameras

                        SWAG interested: record thesis defenses - in talks with ACM

                        ACM’s budget: WASA shouldn’t feed into costs if it’s not necessary

                        Video – capable DSLRs are an option

            Laser cutter will be a large proposal: ask for a smaller amount for multiple terms

            Video cameras more likely: all students use it ect…

            Previous WEEF funding still to be used (lights)


- Proposals to go through SWAG once Student Lounge is approved by House @ main campus

// Events etc.

-Canstruction (meeting Thursday *5:30pm)

            Meeting details Canstruction, signup.

            In student lounge

-Arch-Eng Events (Semi Formal - March 17, EngPlay - March 15-17)

            VP Finance ENGSOC contacted to coordinate Eng Play & Archineering

            Busses to be coordinated for Architecture students

            Eng Play - Want us to bus in on 15th: day of reviews. Probably not happening.         Still to coordinate Archineering: invite Engineers to Walshees

                        March 1st

-Coffee House

            Grand House

            Weekend of March 16th / 17th?

-Ski Trip

            March 3rd / 4th?

            Mount St. Louis Moonstone (2 1/2h drive)

            $45 / person + $30 rental

            1 Bus: 47 people + Space for equipment

            Get a sign up list out

                        Sell tickets: people to pay as they sign up

// WASA Contacts

- Internal and External Contacts still to be compiled


hi its me

Life in 3D @ Waterloo Architecture studio


hi its me

Life in 3D @ Waterloo Architecture studio

Minutes: Jan 18th

WASA Minutes for January 18th, 2012



// Elected Roles    

Lead Reps:                 Samuel



Chairs:                       Dave Holborn

                                    Jake Read

Treasurers               Miguel Enkerlin

                                    Patrick Harvey

WEEF                        Caelin


CO-OP                       Devon


// Budget

Projected budget was available at meeting or by email through Miguel.

About $8700 + Money in the safe.

/ Standard Items

            Election Pizza, Events


            Publication to help start up

            Deadline / Review Food

            Awards Banquet $1000

            500 to Laser Cutter to aid: moral and financial support.

            20 to Ryan


/ WASA Endowment Fund

            Money for students to pursue competitions / installations

            Come up to my room, Nuit Blanche ect…

            Need to set up rules / system. Cannot legally be ‘endowment fund’.   

WASA Student Support Fund? FEDS says we shouldn’t be carrying excess.

            $4000 surplus at the end of term is not good.

Budget Additions:

/ Lounge

            Student Lounge // WASA will have to allocate funding

            SLEF-fund: Apply to Student Life Endowment Fund for Lounge.

/ Laser Cutter

            $500 Down?

            Bodkin has the report from Beesley

/ Gym Equipment

/ Laser Cutter + Student Lounge

/ Community Lounge is happening - cannot use the room for Gym

/ TEDx ?

/ TV for Upcoming events: Calendar + Upcoming events

// Lead Representatives Update

/ 3A: Iggy & Devon academic liasons

/ Meeting with Rick

            Arriscraft Lecture Series returns later in the term

            Faculty Lecture Series - Rick Approves, in talks with Don Mckay

            Vision 2015: Delayed but Rick is finishing proposal for Architecture School - opportunity for student input

                        Transition from undergrad - grad

                        Cultural History Electives - Eastern history, specific eras ect…

                        (BCON & ENVIRO & VISCOM) Technology & Green Design Stream: Student input req’d, what outcomes do we want?

                        Need to organize a way to gather feedback.

            Professional Development - Soft skills in office environments.

                        Developing portfolios, website design, writing, researching & editing.

                        Room here for student feedback.

            We are one of the only departments to not do PD courses

We’ll keep you posted RE: Meetings with Rick.

// Initiatives

/ Fab Tutorials

Heinz asks 3A’s to get the ball rolling on Laser Cutter Supervision

Who is interested in 1B? Who is willing to run a tutorial?


/ Metal Laser Cutter


            Petition & Met with Rick

            Rick is enthusiastic, worried about cost of installation

            Heinz: $15000 is optimistic

            WEEF - We need to write up a proposal

            WASA - $500 a ‘token of support’

            Running costs: $6-10 per hour. W/maintenence will cost us $15-20 per hour.

            Rick will attempt to subsidize the cost.

            Material will also be more expensive to purchase.

            Will require an expanded metal shop: possibly more room in the shop.

            Coincide with Architectural Engineering?

            Unanimous vote: Move forward, find specific pricing.


/ Student Mentorship

1B & 3A Rep to take it on.

            Keegan & Sammy

Simple list of skill sets & contact info.

/ Co-op Database

Compile thoughts & impressions from employers

Devon: Co-op fair - un-biased ‘truth’

Feb 4th of 5th, or week later @ 8th.

Set up in loft.

Sam to develop with guidelines for information to be presented.

/ Publication

200 in the budget to help out

Look into sponsorship?

Feds / EngSoc

// Internal

/ Workshop: What can WASA do for awareness RE: people leaving mess, tools that disappear.

/ Fab: 3A after-hours supervisors.

/ Lounge: Work into budget - talk to SWAG. Samuel & Miguel to coordinate

/ WEEF: What do we want?

            Come up with a list – department specific purchases should be brought up with Rick to allocate funds for more basic items.

            WEEF REQIREMENTS: Educational, something that is used for many years by as many students as possible.

            EG. Lighting for the play: used every year.

/ Caelin to canvas school for WEEF Suggestions

/ Should have a SLEF Proposal for Lounge

// Events - Assign people for each event

/ Ski Trip - Caelin & Morgan

/ Canstruction - Simone & Stef

/ Coffee House - Desiree & Morgan

/ Archineering - Miles & Dave & Maddi

/ T-Shirts: to sell @ open house & U @ Waterloo

// Contacts

Write your e-mails down on the mailing list!

& Compile a list of external contacts, talk to Steph

Director Search Blog

The School of Architecture Director Nomination Committee was established by
the Dean of Engineering to search for the future Director of the School of

A student blog has been created, one for grad students, one for undergrad
students to collect student feedback from those currently on work terms or
out of town - on strengths and weakness of the school, as well as qualities
they deem important in a future Director. We encourage everyone to give
feedback and speak freely.

The undergraduate Blog can be accessed at :

The graduate Blog can be accessed at :
You can use your student id and quest to login.

g @


FINALLY, a movie about architecture studio - ARCHICLUTURE

2 architects-turned-filmmakers turn the camera on the arch studio following 5 thesis students - posts on documentary, film, architecture, tech, Brooklyn, NYC.

This is a feature-length documentary that explores the role that architecture and design play in our daily lives. The film follows five architecture students through their final senior design projects in order to shed light on the critical issues impacting our built environment.

This is something to look forward in 2012. Keep up with their twitter page

Also check out this list from Archinect - 

Top 10 Design Initiatives to Watch in 2012—for the public good



 Lateral Office | Arctic city on top of thousands of wooden dowels

Cool, this is currently on exhibit in our snazzy museum, the NMA. In fact, it looks like the picture was taken there. One of my favorites in that gallery.



 Lateral Office | Arctic city on top of thousands of wooden dowels

Cool, this is currently on exhibit in our snazzy museum, the NMA. In fact, it looks like the picture was taken there. One of my favorites in that gallery.

(via archcm)

Dream Director?

As some or most of you may know, there has been a director nominating committee in order to decide who shall be director at the end of the current term. There are still many questions to be answered, but I ask you if you could pick any one in the world who would you pick and why??



Chair with Antariksh Tandon


Chair with Antariksh Tandon

The Waterloo Architecture Students Association is the undergraduate student union elected to represent all undergraduate architecture students. They tackle every issue from tuition policy to campus safety. WASA also hosts many exciting events for students every term and run a number of small and student–focused services on campus.

This is our work and our inspiration.

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Student Project Fund



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